NEO Moissanite™ Warranty.

We welcome you to “The New Source of Moissanite.”

Ownership of a NEO makes you part of an elite group who wisely chooses a conflict-free gem and those who seek an ethical source for their jewelry needs. NEO moissanite™ is always, and forever, more brilliant than most sources of moissanite worldwide. As members of the elite group of NEO owners, you will walk with great satisfaction, pride and joy in your NEO Moissanite purchase.

With each NEO gemstone or jewelry purchase, you will receive a certified (numbered) registration and warranty card. Our warranty covers the gemstone portion of your purchase for the lifetime of original ownership. The NEO is a true conflict free and ethical option to ALL other colorless and near colorless gemstones.

To register your NEO loose gem or NEO jewelry item Click Here

The terms of the NEO Moissanite warranty applies to NEO Moissanite™ gemstones only. NEO moissanite™ gemstones are subject to the terms as set forth below. The NEO warranty does not warrant against theft, loss, or misuse of your NEO moissanite gemstone. Regular maintenance, yearly or bi-yearly check up of your NEO moissanite with the original jeweler or store of purchase is prescribed.

  • The NEO warranty is non-transferable. (No more than 1 registration member per numbered certification.)
  • The NEO warranty must be activated within 60 days of purchase with all information required on Registration form.
  • The NEO warranty covers changes to the optical properties (Color and Clarity) of the NEO gemstone.
  • The NEO warranty carries an “extended warranty to the original retail store only.” Where, “the original NEO moissanite™ purchase was made.” The extended warranty covers any damage resulting in chipping, scratching or abrasions from normal use; (at a minimal handling fee per carat plus shipping) to your NEO moissanite gemstone purchase of ¼ carat weight and up only, providing ALL of the following steps are carried out in full.
    • Upon registration of your online warranty, YOU clearly fill out ALL required fields and clearly state the retail place of purchase.
    • YOU Retain your original receipt, or provide bank or credit card transaction copies as proof of original NEO moissanite purchase.
    • YOU Return to the original place of purchase (stated at registration) for any NEO moissanite™ replacement. Note: If the original place of purchase is no longer in business, please visit your local jeweler and have them contract us @"

In the improbable event that the optical properties of your NEO Moissanite™ change, please contact our customer service department via email to with a copy of your original receipt and registration ID number.