What is NEO Moissanite™?

Moissanite is remarkably common in space. It is a common form of stardust found around carbon-rich stars. NEO Moissanite™ is a 4H crystalline polytype of Silicon Carbide, allowing for the cleanest and purest colorless rough crystal growth. NEO Moissanite™ outperforms the old 6H polytype that is currently used by some in the market today, To learn more click here Frequently Asked Questions

Why NEO Moissanite™?

Neo moissanite™ is grown and faceted in a way that allows us to create the exact look that the end buyer is looking for. NEO moissanite™ a true conflict-free and ethical option in today’s market. The NEO Moissanite™ warranty is not limiting. It is far superior to most others in that it offers its own exclusive damage replacement, some restrictions apply.