The Future Looks Bright.

With over 20 years of experience in the moissanite industry, Co-Founder Guy Stimpson has been at the forefront of innovation and new emerging technologies. Years before the patent for faceting moissanite expired, Wholesale Moissanite LLC started its quest to find the best laboratories in the world that grow the highest grade 4H raw silicon carbide crystals Moissanite). After an extensive search and many years of trial and error, NEO Moissanite™ was born.


In September of 2015 the patent for faceting silicon carbide into the form of a gemstone ended, opening the market for other producers of SiC to finally compete against the monopoly that had its grip on the market for the last 18 years. Unlike many moissanite producers, It is our mission to provide continuous new innovations for both the wholesale and retail trade in order to give the end consumer products that make sense in this fast paced technological world. We are proud to bring you the new colorless E-F NEO Moissanite™ and near colorless G-H NEO Moissanite™. There is a new star in town, NEO Moissanite™..